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About Us.

ABS helps businesses in Australia reduce costs, improve operations, and become more sustainable.

About Company

Who Are We

ABS is a team based in Melbourne offering business solutions to Small to Medium size businesses. With over 500+ businesses that ABS has assisted with Victorian Energy Upgrade (VEU) program we provide a comprehensive service based on our extensive experience and expertise in the energy sector. We have assisted businesses with Victorian Energy Upgrade (VEU) program, helping them to save money and reduce their carbon emissions. We offer a range of energy efficiency programs, to help you save money and energy. We can help you with the Victorian Energy Upgrade (VEU) program, helping you to reduce your carbon emissions. In addition, we also assist businesses of NSW with the Energy Saving Scheme (ESS), which helps you save money by providing financial incentives for installing energy efficient equipment and appliances in your home or business.

Why us?

At ABS, we are dedicated to providing innovative, energy-efficient solutions that help businesses reduce costs, improve efficiency, and become more sustainable.


We have years of experience in providing energy-efficient solutions to businesses in Australia.

Customizable solutions

Each business is unique. This is why we offer custom solutions. We'll help you identify areas of inefficiency and recommend the best products and services.

Government rebate assistance

Save time and effort claiming your rebates with our expertise in government rebate programs.



Businesses Helped


Residential Energy Upgrades


Govt backed energy upgrades


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Cloud Phones, NBN & SIMs for Businesses

Telecom Services

Streamlining payments for Australian businesses

Merchant Facility

Energy efficient upgrades with government incentives

Govt State Programs

Transform Your Business With Solar

Solar Panels

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