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Say No To Old, Inefficient Hot Water Systems.

With our hot water systems, you can enjoy a steaming bath without the wait. Plus, they use upto 60% less energy than conventional water heaters. All this translates into lower power bills and cleaner air quality.
Get your's now under NSW ESS Rebate Program.



What is ESS?

The NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) provides financial incentives to install energy efficient equipment and appliances in NSW households and businesses. The scheme is available for households and businesses in New South Wales. It is designed to help reduce energy use and costs by providing financial incentives for installing energy efficient products. The scheme covers refrigerators, freezers, washing machines and dishwashers, air conditioners, heat pumps, hot water systems, lighting products and small electrical items such as fans and power board.

Rebate Offer

What are Solar Hot Water Rebates?

Government solar hot water rebates are financial incentives created to encourage investment in renewable energy sources. Rebates are financial incentives created to encourage investment in renewable energy sources. This rebate applies to every customer who switches to a Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water System, and derives financial benefit from their new solar hot water heating system.


Hot Water Systems We Offer Under ESS

How It Works

How Do Heat Pump Water Systems Work?


A fan pulls air over the evaporator that has heat energy in it.


The evaporator changes the refrigerant from a liquid to a gas.


The compressor turns the coolant into a hot gas by pressurizing it.

Storage Tank

The water in the coil-wrapped tank is heated by the hot gas inside the condenser coil.

Condenser Coil

When the water is heated, the refrigerant turns back into a liquid and goes to the evaporator, where the process starts all over again.

benefits and features

Benefits of Heat Pump Hot Water System

Government Rebates & Incentives

Get Rebates & Incentives on installing energy efficient Heat Pumps under ESS Program.

Built in Frost Protection

Prevents condenser from icing giving you complete peace of mind.

Energy Efficient

Produces more heat than input power, saving you money on your energy bills.

Auto Disinfection

Occasionally heating the water above its set temperature to stop bacteria and legionella from growing.

Power Outage Memory

In the event that there is a power failure, the settings will be preserved.

Low Operating Noise

At 48/49 dBA, you'll hardly notice it running.

Why install energy efficient appliances?

Benefits of installing energy-efficient appliances

The benefits of installing energy-efficient appliances are huge and they are worth considering. Installing energy-efficient appliances can save you a lot of money on your electricity bills. It will also help the environment because it will reduce your carbon footprint by lowering emissions.

Low Maintenance

Low Carbon Footprint

Energy Efficient

Save Money

WHY Choose ESS?

Benefits of New South Wales ESS Program.

Save Energy & Environment

Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) is a initiative by New South Wales Government that helps businesses reduce their energy consumption & carbon footprints by upgrading to Energy Efficient Equipments.

Savings Estimation

Many older models in your home or at your business, use far more energy than modern units do. The Energy Savings Scheme can check if you could be saving money by updating your appliances with improved models.

Get a Free Upgrade

Fill out the form below and receive free Hot Water System for your Business or Home under New South Wales Energy Savings Scheme (ESS).

Am i Eligible for eSS program

Eligibility Criteria


You must be a business or home located in New South Wales

Registered Business

You must be registered for GST with an active ABN

Type of Business

Operating business in a shop, factory, or a commercial space

Did You Know?

Heat pumps multiply energy. 1 kW of power input creates 4 kW of heat. It's 400% efficient. Conventional electric water heaters convert 1 kW of input power into a maximum output 1 kW heat.

ess application form

Apply for ESS Program

Important Update: Display Fridges Program Is Currently Suspended.  Click Here  To Fill Out Expression Of Interest Form.
What kind of hot water system do you currently have (for eg. Electric or Gas)?


Fill out the provied form for the program.


Discuss which products are right for you and schedule a time for installation that is suitable for you .


Our team of qualified professionals will install the products at your business.